Leading institutional provider of tailored crypto asset liquidity and structured products

Xazur Digital bridges the gap between traditional
multi-asset brokerage houses and crypto asset exchanges


Xazur Digital creates tailored liquidity for other institutional partners. Thanks to our low latency algorithmic approach we can curate high quality spot liquidity without leaving market impact when sensitivity to execution is paramount.

  • Manual OTC trading via chat
  • Self-service OTC trading
  • Multiple order types
  • Minimum order size USD 100,000

Xazur Digital provides liquidity and price management for both promising ICO’s and other market venues including smaller platforms requiring greater CLOB transparency.

Our low latency technology allows for efficient pricing to help support new projects without incurring large tail risk.

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio and add enhanced returns to your clients? Xazur Digital prop trading business has generated considerable excess returns for our clients. If you would like to know more please contact the team.

· Best execution
· Enhanced returns
· Open a MAM / PAM account

Structured Products

Xazur Digital offers approved counterparties the ability to structure and design digital asset offerings or Non-Fungible Tokens. Our structured products suite allows clients to create:

  • Payment tokens
  • Digital tokens
  • Securities tokens

  • Stable coins
Our custody solution has been developed in conjunction with Trustology, a leading FCA regulated custody service ensuring a zero-safeguarding trade-off.

Xazur Digital is recognised as a leading market making participant and has joined the

FX Global Code of Conduct

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